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Heartwarming love stories & stylish fashion spreads intertwined with captivating artistic portraits.

 Your celebration of love for each other.


Your wedding day is the day you've been dreaming of your whole life. It's the day you say "I do" to your soulmate and start your new life together. I'm here to capture every perfect moment, from the tear in your father's eye as he walks you down the aisle to the sentimental first dance. 

We're your trusted confidantes, here to assist in planning special details  and a photography timeline that perfectly suits your needs. From your engagement session to champagne brunch and final deliverables, we travel wherever you go, capturing the essence of your love in every image. 

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"Passion, curiosity, attention to details, love for his work - that’s what describes Michael. He is an easy and positive person, creative and loves to try new ideas."

Maximus RomaN

Imagine the golden sands of San Tropez or the lush vineyards of Napa Valley as the backdrop to your love story. Together, we'll meticulously select the perfect setting to capture your unique journey. Whether you prefer dressing to the nines or embracing traditional attire, our goal is to craft images that spark the flames of your love story.

With us, it's not about rigid poses but gentle guidance. We'll suggest movements that allows your love to shine naturally and authentically. Our approach captures your everyday romance at its most intimate and romantic moments, showcasing the true essence of your relationship.

A Beautful DAY

"My work with Michael has always exceeded my expectations. It's always a better production and scene than the image I had in mind. It's wonderful to see him constantly thinking and focusing on better scenes."

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"It was amazing working with Michael, he’s a very talented photographer that pays attention to every single step. He follows you all the time, pays attention to the make-up, hairstyle and shooting concept."

Kristina Miceva

Model & Journalist

Creative, Elegant & Impactful


From concept to completion, we will collaborate closely to ensure that your vision is realized. We can begin by developing detailed sketches and creative mood boards to visualize your desired aesthetic.

With a deep understanding of your brand's story, target audience, and marketing objectives, we can craft images that resonate with your viewers and help you achieve your goals.

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"Collaborating with Michael has consistently surpassed my expectations. The final outcome always exceeds the image I initially envisioned. Witnessing his continuous dedication and focus on capturing superior photos was truly compelling."


Hyein Kim 

Ahhorn Designer

celebrating the individuality that makes you extraordinary.


 I look for the interactions between people, the expressions on faces, and the small details that make each moment unique. I also try to capture the overall atmosphere of your day.

I believe that the best photographs are candid and authentic. I want my clients to be themselves.  I try to be as unobtrusive as possible so that I don't distract from the moment.

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